Conestoga Takes Tough Loss on the Road 52-59 at Marple Newtown High School

The Conestoga Boys Varsity Basketball Team traveled over to Marple Newtown High School in hopes of coming home with a 2-win game streak. The Pioneers started off slow, unable to make shots beyond the perimeter and unable to find space in the paint. Defensively, there were miscommunications and the allowing of many second chance opportunities for Marple.

“If you don’t give 100% effort from the start then you’re setting yourself for failure,” said Head Coach Sean Forcine. “Unfortunately, we allowed a 13-point lead before we ramped it up in the second half”.

As Coach Forcine mentioned, Stoga did get into a groove in the second half, which eventually made the game close, but unfortunately the Pioneers could not pull out a win and lost 52-59.

Conestoga looks to redeem themselves against Strath Haven High School on Saturday, Jan. 7th at 7:00 PM.

By Omar Sakr, Sportswriter for Conestoga Basketball