JV uses basket in closing seconds to take 31-29 victory over crosstown rival Radnor

In a low-scoring first quarter the Pioneers struggled to find their rhythm. Thanks to strong defensive blocks from Emory and Piccone the team finally got fired up. Deshetler drove down the lane and threw strong assists. Despite a team record for offensive rebounds the half ended in a deficit, 11-18.
Barczak started the second half with an athletic lay-up and a much-needed three. Stoga continued to show good ball movement. And the highlight came with a buzzer-beating long shot from Smith to end the 3rd quarter 23-20.
DiMarino scored three and Steele took a Radnor charge to continue the lead. As the clock ticked down the fouls went up, and the Red Raiders scored three to tie with 10 seconds left. In the final countdown Deshetler made a break for it to help secure the win, 31-29.