Radnor Tops Conestoga 57-31

The Conestoga Boys Varsity Basketball Team headed over to face off an undefeated Radnor High School and were defeated 57-31. The Pioneers started off strong and were able to stay neck and neck against Radnor until halftime, only trailing behind by a coupe points. However, the second half was a completely different story as Radnor turned up the heat. Turnovers, forced shots, and Radnor shutting down the lane made it tough on the offensive end. Defensively the boys struggled to boxout, causing multiple offensive rebounds and second chance points.

Conestoga looks to redeem themselves back at home on Senior Night on Friday, Jan 13, at 7:00 PM and the Senior Ceremony at 6:15

By Omar Sakr, Sportswriter for Conestoga Basketball