JV continues win streak with 55-25 victory over Radnor

By: Mark Smith
January 11, 2018
Tonights JV game was against Stoga’s cross town rivals, the Radnor Raiders.
Stoga came ready play and never let up in an effort to prove to Coach Focine his beard was truly lucky.
The game was surprisingly physical with Austin Fontaine taking a hard hit but still managing to get airborne for 2, taking Stoga out to an early 6-3 lead which they would keep for the rest of the evening.  In rapid fire succession, Frank Koblish hit a 3, followed by a Scott Smith layup for 2, followed by a strong Jack Liedka rebound, who passed to Frank, who then zipped it to Austin Fontaine who took it to the hole for 2; catapulting the Pioneers rapidly to a 19-6 lead at the end of the 1st quarter.
Jack Liedka started the 2nd quarter with a 3 pointer followed up by Stoga’s ever strong defense lead by Scott Smith. Austin Fontaine had so much fun stealing the ball and going coast to coast for 2, that he turned around and did it again! Jordan Cuthbert put an end to the 2nd quarter with a snuff; leaving the Raiders trailing 27-11.
Picking up where he left off, Austin “danced” with Radnor’s point guard until he tired out allowing Austin to steal the ball again and hit the layup; making it 34-14 but enjoying it so much like he did in the prior quarter, he did it yet again, making it 37-14 Stoga. Michale Costigan decided to get in on the act and steal the ball, passing it down court to an awaiting Hayden Wells for 2; ending the quarter 42-18.
Stoga continued to control the game in the 4th quarter highlighted by a 3 pointer from Quinn Borger after almost 3 minutes of scoreless play to break the silence. Jordan Cuthbert made an amazing pass from a seated position to Michael Costigan for 2; and, as time ran out on the clock, the Pioneers showed the cane to play, dominating the Raiders with a final score of 55-25.