JV outlasts Springfield 39-33

It was a dark and stormy night…
The air was unseasonably warm; the humidity clung to the gym floor. Despite the conditions, the team managed to slip and slide their way to victory.
The first quarter started out r-e-a-l slowly (7-2), but Deshetler and Barczak got the ball rolling late in the second quarter with some much-need points. The team soon came alive on defense and showed good ball movement to help end the half on top, 19-10.
Liedtka drew a key foul to start the second half. And Emory continued to crash the boards. Mayock put up points on offensive rebounds, while guards DiMarino and Ridder found themselves under the basket on follow-up shots.
All in all it was an uneventful game (the crowd only made noise for Dan Mayock fruitlessly mopping the floor)—but a win nonetheless.