Stoga Improves to 3-0; Defeats Neshaminy 53-48

The Conestoga Boys Varsity Team traveled Neshaminy High School, pulling off an amazing, energetic, and nail biting win 53-48.

Conestoga started the game conservatively, assessing Neshaminy’s play before seizing on opportunities on defense and offense. Brendan Styer and Ben Robinson led the offense, directing traffic to run plays that led to buckets. Liam Smith and Patrick Corr were defensive studs, with Corr locking down the guards and Smith taking two charges, increasing the energy of the game. Abe Dembele was a rebound machine offensively and defensively and no one was stopping him. 

Conestoga’s bench brought out the energy, providing even more energy to the game. Westin Fryberger stretched the perimeter with a key three while Brian Shubert came through helping to lead the offense and getting his teammates open looks. The energy on the bench became a crucial factor towards the end game as the game went back and forth.

Head Coach Sean Forcine had a mix of emotions throughout the game as Neshaminy kept inching closer to the lead, until Stoga bounced back with solid play after play. When asked what led Stoga to victory, he said:

“We rely on our defense as our staple and if we can defend every possession, we know we’re going to be in the game. Some nights we’re going to hit shots. I think tonight we were three of seven from three…but it didn’t matter. Our defense was consistent; we outrebounded them, we got more loose balls than them. When you do those two things, it’s tough not to be in the game.”

Conestoga elevates to 3-0. It takes on Garnet Valley in its Central League and Home Opener on Thursday, Dec. 8, at 7 PM.

By Omar Sakr, Sports Writer for Conestoga Basketball